The ToI Front Page: April 12th, 2016: ToI Stinks!

Is this journalism? Is this news reporting? I certainly don’t think it is. Okay. Fine. The wind blew the dress of the Duchess of Cambridge up. So? How the hell does that matter? Could there not have been a more sensible piece, perhaps about William and Kate laying a wreath at the Amar Jawan Jyoti at the India Gate? Shame on you, Times of India. You truly are in the lead to become the most nonsensical English language newspaper in this country. Also, Queen Elizabeth is the Queen, not the Queen Mother as you’ve mentioned in today’s paper. Downright shameful, the Kate incident. Even more so since we’re the country that believes in Atithi Devo Bhava. Indian media lost their minds when their foreign counterparts couldn’t recognise Deepika Padukone. Maybe that’s their way of getting back at our media’s unprofessional attitude. And this isn’t the first time ToI has displayed such stupidity. Remember the Deepika Padukone photograph in the papers that was a disgusting bit of journalism? That was another incident that showed the priorities of ToI. How will the Indian media buffoons feel if an Indian MP’s dhoti or even trousers slip/s off and reveals his underpants to the world and the foreign media publishes a piece like this? I’ll tell you. They’ll publish the photograph and say ‘FOREIGN MEDIA MOCKS INDIAN MP AFTER HIS DHOTI/PANTS SLIP. SHAMEFUL’. Ha! Hypocrites. Times of India, you’re a bunch of misogynistic clowns!

PS: Why in the name of hell is your newspaper filled with so many crappy ads and hardly any news? Why?


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