‘Torn Pages of My Journal’ by Amiti Sinha

The content on the blog needed a bit of diversification, in my opinion. Movie reviews can be dull, short stories take a while to write and blogs need issues with a certain depth and a higher level of intelligence than mine. So, I asked a friend if she could do me a favour. She acquiesced, the result being this piece. Please leave your comments in the section below the piece. Cheers. -Varun.

“My pictures are like negatives of my memories. Right from the countryside to man-made caves who some called homes, there is an essence in things that urges me to capture them. ‘Pictures are worth a thousand words‘. We all know that. But they have a greater meaning to them.” -Amiti Sinha.

Amiti 6.JPG

In the night the darkness guarded it and in the morning the butterflies danced around it. It had fallen in love with story of the butterflies and the darkness.

Amiti 2.png

The hands which made bricks for another’s house forgot to make some for themselves.


As the society burnt her dream, she realised that she was made of nothing but fire.


As the world waited for Juliet’s Romeo to come, Juliet had found herself a better place to wait for her Juliet.

Amiti 1

This is where the mothers fought with grief while laying down their sons, and this where their sons fought with those who had a bad eye for their mother. 


As winter struck early that year, the pod of love in her heart was warm under the fresh blanket of snow.

 Photographed and Written


Amiti Sinha


Varun Bhakay’s Writer’s Block 2016


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