Blogrunner Varun Oak-Bhakay

Hello and Namaste, my name is Varun Oak-Bhakay, which you should know as it forms the majority chunk of the name of this blog. I am a teenager, which is pretty normal. I write about films and books, also pretty normal. I’m a published author, extremely normal, though I would like you to go out there and buy my book Operation Blazing Snow.

I believe my readers should be well-acquainted with me and what this blog may contain. Fauji kid, so a bit of stuff about the Fauj. Liberal, so some stuff about how we need to grow up as a society. I may also write about events around us, like when that annual mela called the IPL starts, I’ll be there to bash it even though I love cricket. I love to read, so please don’t hold back if you want to buy me a book. But message to check whether I already have it, just to be sure.

I write about a film every Friday in a series called Cinephile Stock,  a book every Tuesday under Bookshelf, and something serious every alternate Sunday. You can mark these days on your weekly schedule so that you get an overdose of me and so that I am always looming large over the greater scheme of things (figuratively).

If there’s something you wish to say, please send an e-mail to Or message me on my Facebook page. And I’m on Instagram too. Follow me there. And tell people about the existence of this blog, because creativity needs support and encouragement and so do I.


And here’s a super-creepy picture of me, so you know the guy you want to attack in case you’re pissed off with something I write.



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