I. Me. Myself. Hi, I’m Varun Oak-Bhakay.

My name is Varun Oak-Bhakay. Well, officially, Varun Bhakay. Varun Oak-Bhakay is what I’d like to call my nom de plume. I also think it’s a nice way to acknowledge the surnames of both sides of my family.

I am awesome! Seriously, I am. Quickly then, some terms that may give you a vague idea of who I am: a Fauji Brat, a son, a brother, a friend, a sarcastic joker, a dog-lover, a bibliophile, a cinephile….yeah, sounds about right!

Talking about myself is something I’m quite accomplished at. My other accomplishments are quite bleak, though. I’m not the average Indian teenager. I tend to have an opinion on almost everything and believe in airing it ’cause Freedom of Speech. I have written a full-length fiction novel titled Operation Blazing Snow. Buy it. I enjoy writing (obviously, hence the blog), listening to music, playing cricket and tennis, cycling and just generally lolling around. I also do the odd bit of cooking every now and then. I am also an accomplished narcissist, though I don’t like to say that. I’m modest, you see. I am obsessed with cricket, the Second World War, the Cold War and the Kashmir Insurgency. As you can see, I tend to talk a lot about myself, something I stated earlier. Well, I’ll take your leave now. Feel free to explore my blog. In my opinion, it has a couple of really good posts. I would suggest reading all of them!


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